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Wedding Marketing is a cluster which aim is to organise, collect, share knowledge and expertise in marketing, communication, and internationalisation strategies among its business network.

It was founded in 2018 in Rome.

As a cluster, it aims to stimulate innovative activities by transferring knowledge and competencies among the creative industries.

Through the promotion of networking activities, and the dissemination of information and collaboration across companies (both SMEs and large enterprises), public institutions, research institutes, and technology centres, Wedding Marketing has as mission to facilitate virtuous processes in developing sector’s innovation, research, and technology breakthroughs.

In all our initiatives, a particular attention is given to social responsibility thematics, among which gender equality and ecological transition are particularly relevant and are conveyed within its network of member organisations.

We are firmly convinced of the industry's responsibility, as well as the one of other system actors, to convey social and innovation progress messages.

The cluster also promotes training sessions on the execution of international marketing entry and growth strategies and global communication.

Training is also focused on the management of stakeholders from different cultures or functions.

A special program will be dedicated to opportunities offered by public markets and European calls for projects with an accent on the private/public dialogue's valorisation and the stakeholder orientation approach.

The cluster intends to help member companies in enhancing their visibility, innovation, and competitive performances by promoting and spreading current sector competencies, best practices, and trends through knowledge exchange and transfer also during sectorial events.

Members receive a newsletter with news, sectorial and technological trends, learning tracks, and possible collaboration projects every fifteen days.

The cluster is operative in marketing and communication strategies, research and digital innovation, production techniques, and management consulting services.

The collaboration, both internal and external, is the backbone of a competitive strategy in today’s markets, and Wedding Marketing is the ideal partner for companies that want to grow and internationalise their business.

With this regard, it is possible to mention the collaboration with the Institute of Cultural
Anthropology of the University of Rome relating the marriage culture’s evolution to better address the communication and marketing strategy.

Research organisations/Technology centres members
Digital Innovation Hub Confesercenti
Istitutional/Public bodies partners
Confesercenti Roma
Camera di Commercio di Roma
Area III Promozione e Sviluppo
Servizio Filiere produttive e Fiere
Unioncamere Lazio
Regione Lazio

Menagement Team

Massimo Casale:
Role: ECCP Responsible Person
Gender: Male
Fabio Pulcini:
Role: Project Manager
Gender: Male
Andrea Stranieri:
Role: Internationalisation Responsible
Gender: Male
Andrea Ridolfi:
Role: Marketing & Communication Manager
Gender: Male
Fabio Luongo:
Role: Business Development
Gender: Male
Menagement Team
Massimo Casale ECCP Responsible Person
Fabio Pulcini Project Manager
Andrea Stranieri Internationalisation Responsible
Andrea Ridolfi Marketing & Communication Manager
Fabio Luongo Business Development
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